Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15/9 Had a little extra time today, so I hit the trails around home on the MTB to try out the new tyres. I've gone for this set up to start with & it's the Race King 2.2 on the back & Mountain King 2.2 up front. The first thing I noticed was how narrow they looked for a 2.2 tyres, so I measured them. The Race King came in just under 2.0 & the Mountain King at 2.0 dead, so next to the 2.25 Racing Ralphs I've been riding they look small. They also have a very round profile. They ride very well & really hocked up well in the corners. I hit some off the extremely steep short climbs to see how well the rear hooked up & was very impressed with it's climbing ability right up there with the Racing Ralphs. The Mountain King also did the job that was set it but I think I'll be racing with another Race King up front, as that impressed me more. I would race with the Mountain Kings, but only if it was hard rain. I'll get out this weekend with the Race Kings on front & back this weekend. 2hrs of fun.

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