Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/10 Longer commute today to take in some extra hills 90min
PM Fun
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Box Jumps 4 x 50
Rack Squats KB's 10 x 2 x 24kg, 5 x 2 x 32kg, 40kg, 3 x 48kg
One Leg Deadlift 5es x 64kg, 3 x 5es 80kg
GS Jump Squats 3 x 200 40kg
Felt nice & done in after this.

12/10 Early start today (6:00am), on the MTB for a good long ride with Gavin, Alex, Harry & Stan, heading up to the top of Kinglake. We took the trails to meet Harry & Stan out by Han's loop, before doing the road section through Eltham to the top of Kangaroo ground & into the fun single track descent down to the bottom of the hill & back onto the road to Rob Roy. At Rob Roy we hit the single track to the top of the MG car club Hill Climb & down the other side & onto Happy Valley rd. This is a nice climb that just keeps on getting steeper. I was trying to keep HR below 80%, which is what I try to do in the 24hr racing but it just wanted to sit on 81% & beep at me. At the top it was onto One Tree hill rd & then racing down the hill I missed the side track that we wanted to take mistaking it for a farmers gate. Worked out we were way off course when we hit the Yarra Glen - Eltham rd. So decided to head up the climb heading towards Yarra Glen to get onto Skyline rd & heading back to Kinglake on gravel. This got us back onto Butterman's track about 6km from where I planned for us to get on the track. We then turned up Marshells rd for about 1km, until it ends & headed up the Skyline track which follows the ridge line to the top of Kinglake. As we crossed the rd near the top of Kinglake it was great to see thousands of riders out doing the organised Kinglake ride. At the top the guy replenished their supplys & we headed back, but this time taking the correct route.
Was out for 8hrs with 6:46hrs riding for 122km & 2500m climbing with an Ave HR of 70%according to my Polar that always seem to underestimate climbing. Harry got 2780m on his Garmin. All in all a great ride with some very tired bodies. It was job done for me as the aim was to ride for around 7hr at an ave of 70%. I know I can race for 7hr with an ave of 80%, but this is about getting ready for 24hrs of fun. So if I can ave between 65-70% for 24hr that will be a lot of fun.

PM was going to train but had to run Cam through the Lacrosse Fitness test so I just took it easy. Probably didn't need to do anything else today anyway, or was I just soft.

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